Tony Smith is a Mechanical Engineer with a love for the arts. In high school he would spend his free time taking photographs or working in the graphic arts department, running printing presses, working in the darkroom, or helping students with silkscreening or blockprinting projects. He also sang in the chorus, sang with a small group of chamber singers and played tuba in the band. He also set up lights in the auditorium for theatrical productions. It was clear that he had an affinity for the technical aspects of art... it also explains that he never knew how to relax and do nothing in his free time.
Tony Smith After high school, Tony studied Mechanical Engineering while working for a startup medical laser firm. This was followed by fifteen years at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory as a Mechanical Design Engineer. In 2000, he joined a startup pharmaceutical firm to develop a new, light-activated treatment for cancer and has just returned to a research and development position at MIT. During this time, Tony practiced photography by photographing weddings on the weekends. He also became an instrument rated pilot, attended graduate school and built two additions on his home.
Several years ago, Tony met Dave Zaltzberg of MetroWest Stained Glass in Framingham, Massachusetts. After taking several stained glass classes with Dave, he was introduced to sandblasting in a basic fusing class. After taking basic and advanced sandblasting with Dave, Tony puchased the equipment and started experimenting on his own. Having become proficient in sandblasting, Tony progressed quickly into fusing and became involved with the Internet Bulletin board. Through he has connected with many wonderful and talented kilnformed glass artists... among them, Avery Anderson and Patty Gray who have influenced his work significantly.
Most recently, Tony has taught basic and advanced classes in sandblasting, photoresist sandblasting and fused glass bracelet making. He also co-taught a 4 day advanced fusing tools and techniques class with Patty Gray in Arizona. His presentations from WarmGlass Weekend 2003 in Washington DC can be found under Sandblasting Information on this website
And this is where the story begins...