Sandblasting Cabinets
From the economy priced 731-TL Bench Buddy to the elaborate, model 1836, side-by-side, TPTools makes the highest quality sandblasting cabinets for the money here in the USA. I have a model 951 and a 731 and they are high quality cabinets that are easy to use. I have installed a number of their model 780-TL cabinets as well, and it is by far the best buy for free-standing cabinets today. It's also the cabinet that Glastar puts their name on. For people with a tight studio, consider the Bench Buddy 731-TL which is light enough to be moved easily and sits on a benchtop. Each cabinet comes with a siphon blaster installed, so add abrasive and air and you're ready to go.
Model 780-TL Model 731-TL Model 951
Harbor Freight
Another company that sells sandblasting cabinets is Harbor Freight. Most of their products are imported from oveseas, and quality sometimes ia less than optimal, but their products perform well and are usually a good value. I have used their large red cabinet and it works well. The one common complaint that I've heard is that they leak. My recommendation is to pay attention to the gaskets and seals when assembling the funnel on the bottom to the cabinet and to make sure that the air inlet is unplugged. Also, these cabinets go on sale for $100 off during the year, and you need to look under sale items to see the sale price. They also sell a line of tabletop blasting cabinets. I have used one, and while it works well, the top is made of plastic and is frosted quickly by the abrasive stream. Good for small work, you would be unable to sandblast a plate in this cabinet. Search their site for "blast" or "blaster" to find their sandblasting cabinets.
  Model 39170-7VGA Model 1672-4VGA

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